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          Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine

          Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2013 / 03 / 11
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          Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine Honeycomb Briquette Machine


          Honeycomb coal briquette machine also named rotary press or comb coal machine, it is used to make coal briquette from various
          types of coal, such as anthracite, lignite, coal gangue, etc. The shape of this kind of briquette is special, there are some small holes
          in the briquette, so it can get in touch with air and burn with flam very well.

          Usually, the final production is used for civilian use, such as cooking, warming. Each piece can burn 3-8 hours.


          1. 20 years experience, professional technology and developed structure

          2. Customize shape and size of mold.

          3. Factory direct sell, competitive price and excellent after service.

          4. Copper turbine, cast steel base, spline structure extend the life of the machine


          Technical Parameter:


          Type Capacity Motor Power Size of Briquette Weight
          140 45 7.5kw ≤ 140 mm 1500kg
          220 25 15kw ≤ 220 mm 3800kg


          Accessory Machines:


          Feeder Crusher and Mixer Belt Conveyor



          Honeycomb Briquette Machine

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