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          Coal Slime Dryer

          Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2013 / 03 / 21
          • Addition Description

          Coal Slime Dryer Charcoal Dryer


          Coal slime (slurry, peat) has the feature of high humidity and stickiness, traditional dryers failed to pay attention to these characteristics. Our coal slime rotary dryer equips with break up device, during drying and rotating, the special parts can break the wet coal block, this ensures coal slime, peat or slurry exposes to hot air. Also there are many lifting plates in the cylinder with different angles. When the cylinder rotating, wet coal will be threw up and totally touch the hot air. About this dryer, we already got many domestic customers, if you are interested, we can take you there for investigating.



          1.Coal slime
          3.Coal peat



          1.Wide application

          2.Reasonable structure and price

          3.Technology support

          4.Available near field trip

          5.Abroad installation and after sales service


          Technical Parameters


          Model Diameter(mm) Length (m) Motor Power
          Φ 0.6*8 Φ 600 8 4  kw 3.5
          Φ0.8*10 Φ 800 10 4  kw 4.5
          Φ1.0*10 Φ 1000 10 5.5  kw 5.6
          Φ1.2*12 Φ 1200 12 11  kw 14.8
          Φ1.5*12 Φ 1500 12 15  kw 17.8
          Φ1.8*14 Φ 1800 14 30  kw 26
          Φ2.2*18 Φ 2200 18 37  kw 53.8
          Φ2.4*20 Φ 2400 20 45  kw 60
          Φ2.8*24 Φ 2800 24 75  kw 70
          Φ3.0*20 Φ 3000 20 55  kw 78
          Φ3.0*25 Φ 3000 25 75  kw 105


          coal peat drying machine coal peat drying machine


          If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com