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          Sand Dryer

          Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2013 / 03 / 21
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          Sand Dryer




          Sand dryer is a kind of rotary dryer. It is applied to reduce the moisture of sand, such as river sand, silica sand, yellow sand, etc. In order to make the raw material touch the hot air, we designed special lifting plates and bats in the drum, when the dryer rotating, the raw material will be broke up, with the 3-5°gradient, the sand will go into the drum from the high feed port, and get out from the low discharging hole under the effect of gravity.



          1.The drum is made from high carbon steel
          2.Large capacity
          3.Low consumption
          4.Easy operation
          5.Longtime warranty and after sales service


          Working Principle

          Sand sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor and bucket elevator, and then through the hopper feeder into the feeding pipe, thereby entering the feeding end. The feeding pipe inclination is greater than the natural angle of materials, so that material flows into the sand dryer.Dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that have a certain inclination with horizontal line. Material from the high-end to join, heat carrier from the low-end entry, countercurrent contact with material, also have heat carrier and material flow into the cylinder together. With the rotating cylinder materials by gravity run to the lower end. Wet material in the cylinder body to move forward, heat by heat carrier directly or indirectly, so that the wet material to be dried, then at the discharge end through a belt or a screw conveyor send out. In sand dryer inner wall of the cylinder is provided with a copy board. Its role is to bring up material then down, increasing the contract surface of material and gas flow, in order to improve the drying rate and promote material progress. Heat carrier are generally divided into hot air, flue gas. Heat carrier through the dryer, then the material in the gas was collected by cyclone dust collector. If need to further reduce the exhaust gas dust content,also should dust by the bag dust collector.


          Sand Dryer




          1.Make sure every part of the dryer is all ready, include the feeder, belt conveyor, drum, driving system, cyclone dust cleaning, air-fan
          2.Prepare solid and smooth foundation
          3.Build the base of the dryer under the guide of our engineer
          4.Fix the dryer on the base by bolts
          5.Build the furnace for hot air
          6.Choose good power supply and power controller


          Technical Parameters



          Model Diameter(mm) Length (m) Motor Power
          Φ 0.6*8 Φ 600 8 4  kw 3.5
          Φ0.8*10 Φ 800 10 4  kw 4.5
          Φ1.0*10 Φ 1000 10 5.5  kw 5.6
          Φ1.2*12 Φ 1200 12 11  kw 14.8
          Φ1.5*12 Φ 1500 12 15  kw 17.8
          Φ1.8*14 Φ 1800 14 30  kw 26
          Φ2.2*18 Φ 2200 18 37  kw 53.8
          Φ2.4*20 Φ 2400 20 45  kw 60
          Φ2.8*24 Φ 2800 24 75  kw 70
          Φ3.0*20 Φ 3000 20 55  kw 78
          Φ3.0*25 Φ 3000 25 75  kw 105



          Silica Sand Dryer

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